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We are happy to present our first game , Fishing and Farting! After many years of development, testing and tweaking, FnF is ready to ship. Just click the Buy Now Button to reach or online store.

In an age where people claim to have hundreds of "friends" on facebook but find themselves feeling utterly alone, we at Big Baby Games are working to bring people together.. Granted we are bringing them together to fart on each other...still it beats sitting alone on a saturday night, posting your favorite youtube videos to a bunch of strangers.

Check out the Rules of Play page for expanded rules and answers to common questions as well as variations and tips for winning at FnF. The History of FnF tells the story which inspired the game and cronicles the trials and tribulations of the process.The Big Baby Games site explores the creative world which brought you FnF. On the Community page there are links to social media sites as well a FnF/Gaming blog.

Please browse the site and Contact us with any questions or comments. Check back from time to time for new games and content.

Thank You, Garth Kauffman